4 Home Maintenance Chores: important but easy to forget!

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Daily life can get incredibly busy, and your to do list can feel never ending–especially when it comes to small projects around the house. Most of us feel like we barely get enough time for ourselves, let alone starting DIY projects (chores) in our down time. That said, there are a few things around the house that should be checked and maintained regularly, which ensure your health, safety, and the upkeep of your home.

1. Check the Smoke and CO Detectors in your home.

Fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are often fatal if undetected. It’s easy to forget to check your monitors, and even easier to forget the risk of these disasters. Taking the time to make sure these items are in good working order could save your life! Alarms aged five or six years may need replacing–be sure to do a sound check and make sure the noise is loud enough to wake you if you’re sleeping.

2. Check your fire extinguishers.

Many people store fire extinguishers under the sink. In daily life, these things can get pushed to the back of a cabinet and out of sight. In the panic of a fire, it’s important to have fire extinguishers ready, easily accessible, and in working order. Make sure there is pressure in the gauge, and mount them to the wall if possible.

3. Check your air filters.

HVAC filters should be changed every three months, or if you have pets–every two. Having a clean air filtration system improves the overall health of your living space. Changing the filters is easy, remembering to do so is the real challenge. But, changing the filters no only provides better air quality, it also can save up to 10% on your monthly utilities bill!

4. Check the gutters!

Keeping gutters free of leaves and other debris is essential to maintaining a proper drainage system. Especially in seasons like fall and spring when plant matter is abundant and can easily find it’s way onto your roof and into your gutters. In times of heavy rain or snowfall, gutters do a lot of heavy lifting to keep water off your roof and headed to the ground. Preventing water damage will minimize mold and other structural damage to your home. Try to clean the gutters every six months or so.

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