5 of the best plants for air purification indoors.

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One thing I always notice in my home during the winter is poor air quality. Partly, this is due to the fact that I am keeping the windows tightly sealed, which certainly isn’t the case in the summer. When I started bringing plants inside my home, that uncomfortable stuffiness went away. Much like trees purify the air we breath outside, plants in the home can purify the air and reduce airborne pathogens. Though you might feel you can’t keep anything alive, your problem might not be your brown thumb—but improper plant selection and placement. When plant shopping, make sure you understand the light requirements of each plant, and purchase what’s appropriate for your home.

Best indoor plants to purify the air:

1. Garden Mum
A beautiful, bright flower—you can find garden mums at almost any plant store. They remove ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from indoor air. After blooming, these flowers can be planted in your garden for springtime!

2. Spider Plant
Not only is a spider plant great indoors, but they also grow in a very interesting and beautiful way. These plants have offshoots (hence the name “spider”) which you can plant, and remove pollutants from the air. They enjoy bright, but indirect light. So a window that doesn’t see hot sun during the day would be a good choice.

3. Boston Fern
This type of plant will grow large, and they look great hung from the ceiling. Preferring moist environments, if you have a bathroom with a large window (and some extra space) that could be a good location for it! Keep the soil moist, and place in a location with bright light. These plants will reward you with their high action air purification!

4. Mother in Law’s Tongue
This plant gets it’s name from being notoriously hard to kill (ha, ha.). It can be neglected and forgotten, and will typically still thrive. Of course, it needs water, but won’t droop if you forget one week. The long leaves will grow tall, and work wonders indoors!

5. Aloe Vera
This plant is easy to care for, and thrives well indoors. You can grow a large plant or keep it small depending on the size pot you plant it in. An added benefit? This plant is great for healing wounds—rub the clear liquid on a sunburn the next time you get scorched.

While plants are beautiful for keeping indoors, they’re also beautiful and can brighten any living space. Try bringing some inside this winter and see how they can truly brighten your day!