About Us

TE Agents does not have the typical genealogy of a realty company, and that is at the core of its value differentiation. We are owned and managed by a businessman and real estate investor.

Mr. Gale has been managing and investing in real estate and real estate derivatives for over 20 years. He and his teams have acquired, managed, and liquidated more than 200,000 assets with a total value in excess of $1 billion. His companies perform this work for super high net worth family offices and institutional investors. These clients seek out Mr. Gale’s teams because of their knowledge and experience with real estate in 24 states.

With large portfolios under management, Mr. Gale was able to negotiate lower commissions with agents around the country. Now, he is doing the same for every property buyer and seller! When the opportunity arose to buy Tiger Prop, a well-respected brokerage that marketed discounted commissions, he leapt at the chance. Tiger Prop, now TE Agents, continues to provide Top Notch Services at lower commission prices- 20% LOWER!

When people buy a car, they look at the dealer fees and dealer ratings to determine where they will get the best, most fair, and honest deal. However, when people buy a home, they generally do not seek out the best performance or best value in their agent (statistically, they go to a friend or relative who is an agent – not knowing how “good at real estate” they are or are not). Mr. Gale has not only witnessed, but also hired and fired, agents who will make tens of thousands of dollars on a listing, yet list it with pictures from their cell phones and include property descriptions that are two lines or less. This happens because most brokerages have no accountability, no quality control mechanism.

TE Agents is different:

  • Our agents’ ratings are among the best.
  • We use only pre-approved professional photographers who specialize in real estate.
  • All property descriptions are internally reviewed before being published.
  • We have an in-house transaction coordinator and an active broker who together work to ensure consistency of services and the highest quality of services.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we have extensive knowledge of and experience with the legalese of contracts, titles, surveys, and appraisals. We use this knowledge to support our clients throughout their transactions.