New Agents

Dear Prospective Agent, TE Agents is building a team of motivated, knowledgeable, customer service oriented agents. If that is who you are or who you are striving to be, please look below at our offering. The following are the highlights of our arrangements with agents, but are not exhaustive of all details; please contact our broker if you would like further details.

Commission Splits:

  • If the brokerage produces the lead, then the split is 60% to the agent and 40% to the brokerage.
  • If the agent produces the lead, then the split is 80% to the agent and 20% to the brokerage.


  • The brokerage spends extensively to market our company.
  • The brokerage will advance the costs to market our agents’ properties, including but not limited to all sign costs, professional photography, flyers, and media advertisements.


  • We provide a Transaction Coordinator at no costs to agents. This creates consistency and efficiency in file processing, and it frees up agents to focus upon their clients, not paperwork/computer work.
  • We are systematic and organized about processing files. This allows agents to be more efficient with their time.


    Our broker is always willing to help you; she understands that she is paid to help you be the best agent you can be. Here are a few of her talents:

  • Tech-savvy, and we do mean savvvvvvvy!
  • Legal language and rules - what seems like Greek to you is comfortable to her
  • Teaching others – she naturally likes to share what she knows.

Our owner is a 22-year+ veteran of real estate acquisitions, management, liquidations. He has been hired by some of the most sophisticated investors in the U.S. to help them with some of their most difficult property situations. His specialties are:

  • Property Valuations
  • Real Estate Titles
  • Renovations and Construction
  • Marketing