A New Twist On Downtown Apartments In Boise

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I like a lot of what they did with this development, they truly catered to the downtown lifestyle. Although, I can think of about 100 changes I’d like to make to the kitchens. 🙂   I’m all for the clean, simple look, but these are still homes and they need to feel warm. For very few extra dollars, the could have done undermount sinks with gooseneck faucets, then add a small set of cabinets to the top with a crown moulding on it. That would provide more storage (every apartment needs more storage), break-up the look of the upper cabinets, and give them a polished finish at the top. Another idea would be to add a lower (desk height) counter piece at the end the lower cabinets; this could be put on a hinge such that it could be folded away when not in use.

Overall it looks to be a nice development with several features to keep it from an institutional look.

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