Do you really need a buyers agent?

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Picking a good buyers agent is a crucial piece to finding the right home for the right price. In any given situation, the buyers agent is your advocate, acting as your negotiator and representative. A buyers agent can alleviate much of the stress that comes along with house hunting—and one that takes the time to get to know your likes and dislikes can ultimately help you find the right home that checks all your boxes.

Why use a buyers agent?

Buyers agents have access to resources that allow them to canvas many properties you might not find on your own, and between leveraging these tools and utilizing their person to person networks, you have access to a broader scope of properties you might not otherwise see. Likewise, because of their access to these channels, a buyers agent can get you connected with the right people faster—crucial in gaining an edge in a competitive housing market.

Submitting an offer can be a complex thing to navigate, and while you’re caught up in the stress and emotional elements of house hunting, a buyers agent can help you make level headed, strategic choices on offers and negotiations. Agents have a complete and localized picture of the housing market, and will have a better sense of the worth of homes and their neighborhoods.

Assessing Value Potential
Though buying a home is often checking the box of housing, it’s also important to view it as an investment in your future, and a real estate agent can help you understand market trends, predicted growth, and help you choose your prospects accordingly.

Typically, it’s important to choose someone you have a natural rapport with, who you feel can listen to and understand your needs for buying a home. People suggest using a buyers agent who is different from the sellers agent, because of obvious conflicts of interest. Talking with past clients, and looking into awards and recognition can bolster your confidence in an individual when making your selection. All in all, take time and care in selecting your agent, because they will be helping you complete one of the biggest transactions of your life!

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