How to turn an Open House into a Dynamic Event

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Digital marketing dominates when it comes to publicizing and advertising homes for sale, with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter being some of the major ways people get the word out about their properties. That said, it isn’t likely that someone is going to buy a home without actually seeing it first, and that’s where the open house comes in. Add some magic, and your open house will leave an impression with everyone who walks through the door, not just your buyers.

1. Bring some life to the party.
Yes, open houses are very traditional, but why not bring some fun back into it? It’s a standard practice to have some food and drink at an open house, but why not host a food truck outside? Stir up some commotion outside of the house, and you’re bound to get curious neighbors wandering inside the house.

2. Plan ahead and let people know!
Don’t assume that people in the neighborhood are going to show up to your open house, take some time to door-knock and invite people to see the home (and meet new clients…) Gathering a good crowd helps you help your clients, the bigger the network the better.

3. Utilize Social Media
Platforms like Instagram are very powerful for realtors. Get on it, grow your following, and get the word out about your open house events. Be contentious about what time you post online, aiming for morning or evening hours when people aren’t tied up with work or errands. Some careful observation can help you discover when the best time to post is for your audience.

4. Get a partner!
Like planning any event, an open house can be stressful and a lot to prep for. Team up with another realtor in your brokerage—they can help shoulder the burden of planning and hosting, and you can mutually benefit from sharing the networking opportunity.

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